The Experimental Tropic Blues Band
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band
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The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

Explosive Rock 'n Roll, Belgium
Booker: Marijn Westerlaken
+31 (0)6-42633573 -
Territory: Netherlands
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band presents “The Belgians”. This project, or experience, is an exploration through sound and image of the singularity, absurdity and surrealism that shape this country as big as confetti!

With this record, The Tropics offer you a course on Belgian history, fundamentally rock & roll and under pressure. We definitely forget about the famous “Belgian compromise”: the songs are raw and the lyrics straightforward! This fourth album, called “The Belgians”, includes eleven tracks, or eleven investigated facets of Belgium. The approaches and themes are popular, off-the-wall and uninhibited…

In bulk, you’ll get a caricature of national frustrations through its national pride, namely mussels and waffles. The band will also gratify you with a rock & roll exquisite corpse, written without any control, without even calling on reason or aesthetics. You’ll then go from surprises to surprises, from unnatural love to disobedience as proof of the authenticity, from people gathering around a dance until the perversity of the consumer society. To complete the cocktail: the Belgian hero in a looser version with no ambition, along with disillusioned citizens.

A true ‘Belgian mix’ that will lift up your spirit!

As a reminder, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band is made of tireless globetrotters who have been raging on the stages of Europe and the USA for more than ten years, with the same passion and unpredictability. Their last album, released in 2012 (recorded and produced by Jon Spencer), was critically acclaimed by the press as well as their fans, and allowed them to be part of TRAX, the musica.

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Marijn Westerlaken
+31 (0)6-42633573






Haarlem (NL)
Pacific Parc
Blue Collar
Boothill Saloon