Salut C'est Cool
Salut C'est Cool
Salut C'est Cool
Salut C'est Cool
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Salut C'est Cool

Live electro, France
Booker: Marijn Westerlaken
+31 (0)6-42633573 -
Territory: NL
Salut C’est Cool is a quatuor project created around one idea, to bring a new and cool wave to music. And to do it with joy and energy !

After 4 LP self produced, they deployed their thoughts through the new social networks and specially their website ( who is a core of original ideas and new hedonist experiences. Open source is their master word.

This isn’t only music. This is a Dada experience on disc like on stage. Between the naive lyrics and the high techno, they brighten a rich visual univers up - who explores the web design and distorts all usual codes.

Simply, Salut C’est Cool create new connexions between music and art performance. On stage, this is a mix between a spring break, a dada happening and a rave party. The live set is definitely an experimentation and a free area.

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Marijn Westerlaken
+31 (0)6-42633573






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