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Les Trucs

Experimental, Germany
Booker: Jeroen van den Bogert
+31(0)6-20645346 - jeroen@blipagency.com
Territory: The Netherlands
​Les Trucs are an electronic human/thing-orchestra. By means of alienating seemingly familiar sounds, exaggeration through affirmative utilization of clichés and the deconstruction of structures, they attempt to provide a platform for revising listening-habits or dancing.

Within this attempt, musicians and sound-generating devices commonly turn into a symbiotic compound of switches, controllers and extremities, making it unfeasible to retrace who is operating whom, in the end. Live-performances are set in the center of a room; they are flash-mass-hypnosis based on furniture music and spiral yogic flying.

For a short spoken person, needy to seep into a sphere of blunt musical classification, Les Trucs may roughly be outlined as a R n B version of Klaus Nomi and Wendy Carlos. 

Les Trucs are Charlotte Simon, Zink Tonsur and a variety of electronic Gadgetry. Conjointly, they process and revise the intersection of music, performance and installation. Since 2008 Les Trucs have released several records on international labels and played more than 400 concert throughout Europe.

They are part of different exhibitions (-Vom werden normativer Ordnung-, Kunstverein Frankfurt 2012, Reopening Staedelmuseum 2012 et al.), compose and perform music for theaters (-Felix Krull- Schauspiel Zürich 2013 , -Tod und Wiederauferstehung der Welt meiner Eltern in mir-, Schauspiel Hannover 2012 ; -Expedition und Psychiatrie-, Theater Heidelberg 2011 et al.) and host as well as organize the -1,2-Piecefest-, a festivity for experimental, performative sound and music in Darmstadt.

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