Cheikh Lô & Raül Refree
Cheikh Lô & Raül Refree
Cheikh Lô & Raül Refree
Cheikh Lô & Raül Refree
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Cheikh Lô & Raül Refree

Experimental World/Soul, Senegal
Booker: Marijn Westerlaken
+31 (0)6-42633573 -
Territory: Benelux
Cheikh Lô, the great maverick of Senegal, one of the best musicians of Africa joins this talented musician and producer from Barcelona Raül “Refree” to emerge in a completely original and beautiful meeting of different music universes. Music from the deep within the soul, Cheikh Lô´s voice floating over magical experimental textures. A real gift for music lovers’ ears.

Through a forty years long music career, with an acclaimed discography and Womex awarded in 2015, Cheikh Lô finds an inspirational break through the collaboration with someone from another music culture; Raül “Refree”, a curious musician and restless producer, involved in several of the most successful new projects coming out in the last years in Spain and also internationally. He has been able to give a new perspective to Flamenco and traditional folklore music, producing and being musician of artists as Silvia Pérez Cruz, El Niño de Elche, Rocío Marquez, Rosalía, among others. But he also just produced the last album of the Lee Ranaldo, one of the founders of the legendary band Sonic Youth (September 2017, Mute). This describes the eclecticism of somebody able to offer a new angle to whatever he touches.

Album will be released in Autumn 2018

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Marijn Westerlaken
+31 (0)6-42633573